List of All Dimension Items

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Item Namesort descending Acquired From Cost
12 Sided Puzzle Box Vendor 100
2 Team Starter Pack Vendor
20 Sided Puzzle Box Vendor 100
24 Hour Kit Vendor 560 Platinum
3 Team Starter Pack Vendor
4 Sided Puzzle Box Vendor 100
6 Sided Puzzle Box Vendor 100
8 Sided Puzzle Box Vendor 100
A History of the Eth Vendor 125 Platinum
A Large Die Puzzle
A Letter from Omi Puzzle
Abalone House World Drop
Abandoned Cultist Vendor 175 Platinum
Abyssal Banner Vendor 14
Abyssal Cult Statue Left Box~Bag
Abyssal Cult Statue Right Box~Bag
Achiyati Music Box Minions
Achyati Gateway Minions
Achyati Ogre Fireplace Vendor 10 Platinum
Achyati Ogre Pot Vendor 3 Platinum
Achyati Ogre Tent Vendor 45 Platinum
Achyati Ogre Well Vendor 8 Platinum
Achyati Tent 01 Minions
Achyati Tent 02 Minions
Achyati Tent 03 Minions
Achyati Totem Minions
Achyati Watchtower Minions
Advanced Planar Anchor Event
Aegmir's Skull Puzzle 1000 Platinum
Aelfwar Altar Vendor 75
Aelfwar Barricade Vendor 50
Aelfwar Bow Rack Vendor 75
Aelfwar Wall Lamp Vendor 50
Aelfwar Wall-mounted Weapon Rack Vendor 75
Aelfwar Weapon Rack Vendor 75
Aethenawk Vendor
Agitated Death Spine Vendor 500
Ahnket Cake Vendor 200
Ahnket Tower Crafted
Ahnket Tower Debris Crafted
Ahnket Tower Fragment Crafted
Ahnket Tower Platform Crafted
Air Bubble Event 420
Air Crystal Vendor 2,500
Air Dragon Mote Vendor 3,000
Air Elemental Trophy Achievements
Air Foothold Fishing
Air Menhir Vendor 1,000
Air Rift Rock Quartet Vendor 3,000
Air Rift Rock Quintet Vendor 3000
Air Rock Duet Vendor 1,000
Air Rock Solo Vendor 500
Air Sky Projector Vendor 5,000
Akvan Totem Loyalty 12 Platinum 50
Akylios Float Vendor 400
Akylios Fountain with Pool Fishing
Akylios Statue Spread Vendor 150 Platinum
Akylios Statue Wave Fishing
Alabaster Amphora Crafted
Algae-covered Cracked Boulder Minions
Alittu Banner Vendor
Alittu Bookcase Vendor
Alittu Building Small Vendor
Alittu Building, Medium Vendor
Alittu City Wall, Corner Vendor
Alittu City Wall, Long Vendor
Alittu City Wall, Short Vendor
Alittu Control Desk, Large Vendor
Alittu Control Desk, Small Vendor
Alittu Display Case, Large Covered Vendor
Alittu Display Case, Large Uncovered Vendor
Alittu Display Case, Medium Vendor
Alittu Display Case, Octagonal 01 Vendor
Alittu Display Case, Octagonal 02 Vendor
Alittu Display Case, Small Vendor
Alittu Display Case, Tall Vendor
Alittu Display Screen, Giant Vendor
Alittu Display Screen, Large Vendor
Alittu Display Screen, Medium Vendor
Alittu Display Screen, Small Vendor
Alittu Display Stand Vendor
Alittu Display Stand, Large Vendor
Alittu Display Stand, Octagonal Vendor
Alittu Energy Cannon Vendor
Alittu Energy Station Vendor
Alittu Energy Syphon Base Vendor
Alittu Energy Tower Vendor
Alittu Energy Tower, Broken Vendor
Alittu Floating Lamp Vendor
Alittu Floor Lamp Vendor
Alittu Music Box Vendor
Alittu Orb, Dodecahedron Vendor
Alittu Orb, Mechanized Vendor
Alittu Orb, Rough Hewn Vendor
Alittu Pillar Vendor
Alittu Planar Foothold Vendor
Alittu Planar Foothold, Powerful Vendor
Alittu Planar Foothold, Upgrade Vendor
Alittu Power Lever Vendor
Alittu Processing Core Vendor